Project Management

Vision to reality

Your vision gets transformed to reality when we shake hands. Project management or Vision to reality as we call it is the benchmark service that we provide, where in our team will be in your shoes, perhaps in the most professional way you would never have even dreamt off.

Ball on tee (Stage 1 -Pre-construction phase)

The most pivotal phase in the game of golf is, the first strike, the direction sense and the speed.

The  round table conferences we hold with you strategizes our men in tandem with your aspirations.

  • Project definition
  • Project administration
  • Short-listing of architects and consultants
  • Design management
  • Scope management
  • Planning
  • Preliminary Estimate

On Par (Stage 2 :Construction Phase)

Once the strategy is put to paper, just relax !!!!! we have taken on your club, remember a hole in one happens often in the game of golf  but we repeat histories making it almost often

  • Project Scheduling
  • Contract administration
  • Monitoring & controlling of schedule and cost
  • Cost management- settling bills, claims etc.
  • Site management
  • Quality control
  • Procurement management
  • Safety management
  • Co-ordination with client, architect and other consultants
  • MIS reports

The Sweet spot (Stage 3 : Post construction Phase)

As we deliver  your project, no stone on the final ramp  is left unturned paving way for you to make the final strike

  •  Closing of all contracts.
  • Co-ordination for handing  over of  documents including as built drawings, operation & maintenance manuals, guarantee /warrantee etc.
  • Project closure report to the client.

The final Strike

As we watch your ball rolling down the hole, it isn’t just  money that makes sense, its more of seeing the cause for which we stand getting addressed that brings us into the reality of your dreams.